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Fire Damage from a Malfunctioned Lighter in Chicago, IL

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause damages to your home. In this case the culprit was a lighter that was sitting on the mantle. The homeowner believ... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Tub Overflow in Chicago, IL

A lot of damage can occur from an overflowing tub, especially when it is in a high rise condominium. SERVPRO received the phone call at two o’clock in th... READ MORE

Sewage Damage from a Storm in Chicago, IL

During summer storms in August this home was a victim to sewage back up. With heavy rains and city sewage system overwhelmed, the sewage didn’t have anyw... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Fish Tank in Chicago, IL

A crew came out to service the HVAC system for the summer. They turned the power off and turned it back on, and in turn started the ball rolling for unfortunat... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in the Homan Square Neighborhood in Chicago, IL

A commercial building in the Homan Square Neighborhood in Chicago caught on fire and affected the next door neighbor, an ice delivery company. The fire caused s... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in a Lake View Neighborhood in Chicago, IL

Our crew was called out to a home in the Lake View Neighborhood of Chicago, IL in the middle of the night when a pipe inside the wall burst from the low tempera... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Broken Kitchen Pipe in Glenview, IL

Water damage during what was called the Polar Vortex affected a residence in Glenview, IL. The homeowner, who ran an aesthetician business from her home, had wa... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Fire Above in Buena Park, Chicago, IL

Residence in the Buena Park Neighborhood in Chicago Illinois experience water damage from the unit above that had a fire. The unit above continued to leak water... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Storm in a Sauganash Residence in Chicago, IL

Sauganash neighborhood residence experienced flooding in their finished basement during an April storm event. Luckily it was mostly tiled flooring. The excess w... READ MORE

Spring Storm Damage in West Ridge, Chicago, IL

The home in the West Ridge Neighborhood of Chicago Il was doomed to sewage damage from an April storm. The homeowner didn’t have carpeting in the basemen... READ MORE