What our Customers say...


I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I truly appreciated your prompt and professional response to my inquiries, needs and requirements. You were very thorough and knowledgeable. But even more important, you were customer service oriented. And this in spite of the (what were obvious to me) organizational challenges you face. I admire your professionalism, perseverance and work ethic.

The 20th District has a SERVPRO located in the 5400 block of N Wolcott which is owned by Tom Williams. SERVPRO of Ravenswood has sponsored a college football "First Responders Bowl" game. They hosted similar parties all over the country to show appreciation to all first responders (police, fire, ems). Donna Bugosh organized and planned a party that was held in appreciation of the first responders in the District. Bugosh and Williams recognized the hard work of the people who put their lives on the line every day to help others. They hosted a local viewing party for the bowl game with an open invitation to the local first responders and the community. There was plenty of food, conversation and friendship for all to enjoy. Bugosh spent considerable time and energy to host a terrific party that brought the community together. I would like to personally thank the nominated individuals for honoring the members of the Chicago Police Department and for their commitment to be a stakeholder in our community. Thank you!

After a fire that occurred at a neighboring restaurant, SERVPRO came and worked super hard to pack out the contents of my art studio which was filled with smoke damaged stuff! They saved my artwork and equipment and my sanity! Thank you, SERVPRO of Ravenswood. I’m very grateful.

It was Labor Day weekend when I got the call that my school had an electrical fire. I was actually away in Toronto Canada. The CFD had already extinguished the fire, but I knew I had to return immediately from my trip. I also knew who to call for emergency cleanup; SERVPRO of Ravenswood.

I called Tom Williams in route. He answered and said not to worry, that he would get crews mobilized right away. He did not lie. When I arrived to the school SERVPRO had 2 buses of laborers on the scene already hard at work.

I was impressed by their thoroughness and dependability.  Their crews worked 16 hour shifts during the holiday so that my school would be ready to commence on Tuesday morning.  And it did! Without their hard work, dedication and above-and-beyond work efforts the school may not have opened on time.

The damage was secured, pictures and documents were available throughout the process, the odors were eliminated, and the area was cleaned efficiently and safely.

I am thankful to know that CPS has an emergency restoration vendor that will answer the call and do what needs to be done in order to maintain a clean and safe environment, especially during unexpected times.

A few weeks back I was a victim of circumstance due to the group of tornadoes that touched down in Chicago and the western suburbs.  A wind tunnel came down my street and in a matter of minutes the 100-year old maple that resided in front of my building came crashing down.  All I heard was a thunderous crush sound as I hid in the corner of my apartment.  When the storm passed I looked outside and saw this beautiful piece of nature torn from its roots.  It made me sad.  My neighbors and I slowly crept out of our homes to view the damage.  My maple landed perfectly on top of our parking lot literally laying over mine and 4 other vehicles.  The first person I called was my daughter, Donna Bugosh, who works at SERVPRO of Ravenswood.  She knew exactly what to tell me and my neighbors to do.  Between SERVPRO's expert advise, the city services and my insurance agents efforts our neighborhood was quickly cleaned up and a new vehicle was on the horizon.  We were fortunate the tree did not land on our building and no one was physically harmed.  I'm thankful for all parties involved.

My facility has had its share of water disasters in the past couple of years.  Fortunately, given my professional experience in maintaining properties I knew exactly who to contact for help.  One late evening in 2018 we had rather large water main break at our manufacturing facility. The water immersion was so intense that it literally broke our concrete floors and caused so much damage throughout our office, engineering labs and manufacturing plant.  A second time, the following year, we had an HVAC leak in our lobby which caused flooding in the foyer and surrounding offices.  In both instances I called SERVPRO of Ravenswood.  I remember distinctly the time frames because they were at the most unexpected of times; first was a Sunday-into-Monday 1:00AM call and the other was a 2:00PM-on-a-Friday afternoon Valentine’s Day call.  Both times, Donna and Tom reacted quickly and mobilized in a matter of hours.  I was most impressed with their response time, professionalism and constant communications throughout their drying and clean up processes.  Their jobs were always supervised and their documentation and continual follow through was appreciated.  Though the water main break was a huge recovery and took much time to rebuild, the second incident was much quicker and we were able to open the lobby and offices in less than a week.  In both accounts I was glad to have SERVPRO of Ravenswood there to help and I highly recommend them for commercial cleanups.  I know I can count on SERVPRO of Ravenswood and their services, even though I dread going through such crises.   

Thank you SERVPRO for offering CE classes to us insurance agents that need these courses for renewing our licenses. Donna Bugosh at SERVPRO coordinated all aspects of this class and made sure all details for completion of this course were taken care of. Our instructor was also exceptional in giving the class by making it not only a great learning experience, but also made sure to keep the course interesting. Thanks again and I hope to see more CE credit classes being offered in the near future.

The building's water pipes above me burst and my entire living room and dining room wood floors were floating around my home.  I am a 70 year old woman with a disabled son who is living at home b/c Misericordia is closed because of the virus.  I am sure you can imagine how upsetting this was for me not only to have to deal with the water but knowing that all of the workmen would be coming into my house to dry up and sanitize the floors during this PANDEMIC.  I was an emotional wreck.     Thank goodness that Dakota was there. I actually had a meltdown.   He quickly started calming me down and assured me that he will take care of everything with the least amount of exposure to my son and I.  After they were done and my whole house was blaring with loud fans, he could tell that I was still upset and told me he would check on me and that he understood my concern.  He explained the cleaning process to me so I understood why they were doing all of this and that it was necessary to do it right so Pete and I would be living in a safe environment.    The next day he came by again just to check on everything and to see how we were doing.  Again, making me feel so much better about living with the inconvenience of fan blasting and not being able to go in the biggest part of the house.  We were literally living in one bedroom b/c all of the furniture was taken out of the room.     Thank you and thanks to Dakota for making this as pleasant of an experience as is possible...considering that I had floating wood in my house! He's the greatest!  I now know why Farmers Insurance directed me to your company. You have amazing employees.  I'm going to let Farmers know how your company took care of us.  

I just want to thank SERVPRO of Ravenswood for the very rapid response to the situation and making sure that the broken window was secure. Really fantastic. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone. Thank you.

My name is Jenny Marcucci and I live in a condo unit. Unfortunately for me, the building's water pipes above me burst and my entire living room and dining room wood floors were floating around my home. I am a 70 year old woman with a disabled son who is living at home because Misericordia is closed because of the virus. I am sure you can imagine how upsetting this was for me not only to have to deal with the water but knowing that all of the workmen would be coming into my house to dry up and sanitize the floors during this PANDEMIC. I was an emotional wreck. When they all arrived, I actually started to cry when I saw what they were doing as they were tearing out the floor and spraying and putting down fans, etc. Thank goodness that Dakota was there. I actually had a meltdown. He quickly started calming me down and assured me that he would take care of everything with the least amount of exposure to my son and myself. He explained the cleaning process to me so I understood why they were doing all of this, all necessary to do it right so Pete and I would be living in a safe environment. Thank you and thanks to Dakota for making this as pleasant of an experience as is possible...considering that I had floating wood in my house! He's the greatest! I now know why Farmers Insurance directed me to your company. You have amazing employees. I'm going to let Farmers know how your company took care of us.  

My name is Rhea Bradley and I am the social media coordinator for the CPD ENFORCERS football team. I posted about your service on Friday for my fiancé Joe. I had another player/officer reach out and ask for a contact at your business. Their team has experienced the same as Joe's (someone testing positive and a vehicle being passed to another office).

Please let me know if it's ok to pass this along. If there is a specific number and/or person to speak to specifically.

Again thank you so much and I will continue to post about your generosity and service. I will also review on your facebook today.

Stay well!

We had an excellent experience with SERVPRO of Ravenswood. The team were incredible and very professional after we suffered damage in our Condo. Our fridge leaked and damaged a large section of our hardwood flooring and carpeting. The team came out within an hour of us calling, helped us communicate with our insurance, and began the mitigation process the next day. They were communicative throughout the whole process, explained every detail to us during the initial assessment and continuously through the drying period, and were always timely in their work. I cannot speak highly enough of Tom, Eduardo, and Brian.

German International School Chicago experienced extensive water damage to several areas of the building due to a broken sprinkler system.  We contacted SERVPRO of Ravenswood to help us with the water damage restoration.  Tom Williams of SERVPRO Ravenswood immediately responded to our call, inspected the damage and sent out a professional crew to clean up and dry the floors, walls and ceilings.  The crew worked very efficiently and completed the job over the weekend, so the students did not have to miss any of their classes.  

We were all very pleased with SERVPRO of Ravenswood and can highly recommend their services.  

I am the lead administrator in a 24/7 treatment facility serving young children with severe mental health needs.  During the evening of May 27th, Memorial Day weekend, our facility experienced a fire in one of the laundry rooms.  The fire was quickly extinguished but the facility had well over $100,000 in water and smoke damages.

Tom and his SERVPRO team responded immediately that evening beginning the remediation process.  From the moment we made contact until the work was completed the services were delivered in the most professional and timely manner while minimally impacting our work with our clients.  Tom took time to explain all the work, was responsive to my questions and concerns and took the time to make sure I was happy with his teams work.

It is without hesitation that I provide this testimonial for Tom and the team at SERVPRO of Ravenswood.

Ogden West required the use of SERVPRO of Ravenswood for a waiter main break which occurred on January 23, 2018. SERVPRO was called out and their response time was fast and met with great professionalism. The faculty, staff and students were never inconvenienced while SERVPRO worked efficiently to clean up the water.  SERVPRO had a team member onsite daily to check the progress of the water removal, dehumidification and clean-up of the water damage areas.  

It rained so hard and much during a storm in June that we had water and stuff come up through the drains, all the drains, even the tub drain, in the basement apartment.  SERVPRO came in quickly and took all the smelly things away.  When they were done the place smelled like new.  Thank you SERVPRO for drying our home and giving us good tips for the future.

When dealing with an abandoned townhome that is affecting neighboring properties a person doesn't really know what to do or where to start.  Eddy was very knowledgeable about the whole process and explained every step of it.  Inside the townhome was like a scene from that show hoarders, except that it was missing the people responsible.  The pipes were leaking and it caused mold to grow on the walls ceilings and most of the contents.  Eddy brought in a crew to empty the place out and then rid it of all the mold.  We, the condo association, surely couldn't have done this without Eddy's and SERVPRO's help.

A home inspector went into my attic space and saw that my vent was not vented properly.  Instead of going out it was just venting into the attic, which in turned grew mold.  Eddie worked tirelessly on removing all the blown insulation and scrubbing the attic clean from all the mold.  The small confined space didn't make it easy.

Our neighbor's garage burned down.  The fire melted the siding on our home and went through the eaves into our home.  We mostly had smoke damage, some singing of insolation and water damage from the firemen.  Tom came in and after explaining what needed to be done we knew we picked the right company.  Thank you Tom and crew for making it like it never even happened!!!!

We've only been in our new place for a week when one night we were woken up by the smoke detectors.  Maggie came in assessed the area and explained everything in detail what needed to be done.  After expressing our concerns about certain items that we had, Maggie took those in herself and had them cleaned.  Everything else was packed up by her crew.  The place smelled and looked better then when we got it.  Everything was returned clean and no lingering odor was evident.  Thank you SERVPRO and Maggie for taking the time for each phone call and making this process as smooth as possible.

After a huge fire in our apartment building we didn't know what to do.  Someone told us about SERVPRO and I gave them a call.  They came and told me what needed to be done, and even thought I felt overwhelmed I knew that I was in the right hands.  They got a hold of Davis Imperial so that my clothing would be taken care of and then they boxes everything up and took it to their warehouse.  When I was ready to move in to a new place everything was delivered cleaned and organize.  There was no trace of a fire on any of my items.  Thank you SERVPRO!

After our kitchen fire there was a mess.  SERVPRO came in and cleaned everything up.  Even the huskies approved.  Courteous, polite and fast at what they do.

I wanted to thank you (Tom) and your crew for the amazing clean-up.  From the start, I was grateful for your help and wonderful guidance.  You were attentive, caring and honest.  Your point person, Eduardo and the crew were just as helpful, kind, hard-working, diligent, and professional.  While we hope to never need your services again, we will highly recommend you to anyone that does.

Thank you for everything.

The entire crew - from start to finish were great.  I appreciate them getting here so quickly.

Initially our building had water damage from an in ground water pipe that burst like a volcano causing damages to most of our areas.  The crew came in that same day and vacuumed up all the water.   Worked long hours so that we could keep the building open and running to the businesses.  Month later we had to call them again for another clean up, but this time from a fire.  Once again they showed up in force and had us back in business that same week.

“We were very satisfied. We had a very kind, respectful team that we believe were very honest and we don’t think we would have chosen anyone else. They came in, they worked very hard, they reacted well. They worked to the protocol to try to take care of the drywall and the cabinets. We are thankful for them and we feel very blessed to have them.”

I am the Property Manager of an approximately 50 year old high-rise condominium building located on Sheridan Road on the North side of Chicago. I mention the age of the building so that you will understand we are facing riser and plumbing issues relating to "old pipes".

Since February of 2010 I have been using SERVPRO of Ravenswood for all of my water mitigation issues, of which there have been many. Tom Williams and his crew of top-notch professionals have never let me down when I have needed their help.  Five AM? Ten PM? Never a time that they were not here with a full crew of men and machines within 45 minutes of my call.  I wouldn't dream of calling anyone else to help me through a crises.

SERVPRO of Ravenswood does an exemplary job, when it comes to cleaning up, after a fire, or when there's been water damage from bursting pipes, leaks and floods.

I would like to recommend Tom Williams, and his team at SERVPRO of Ravenswood, since I have been doing business with them for 8+ years, and have many satisfied customers, here in Chicago, and surrounding suburbs.

SERVPRO of Ravenswood's reputation for attentiveness and responsiveness greatly assures me that my school's needs - relevant to decontamination, remediation or restoration - would be sought to with the highest degree of diligence and safety to minimize the inconvenience of interruption toward classroom time.

I believe that the personnel at SERVPRO of Ravenswood are competent, and would respond promptly should my school or any school suffer a water or fire event.

I was in a bind and needed someone to take care of a clean up quick. Tom and Maggie took control of my situation helped me get everything taken care of and did it  all in only 48 hours. This is the team I will always call when dealing with problems in my buildings. Joe Wilcox the Wilcox company property management.

I called SERVPRO to get some information on removing mold from a commercial property we purchased. I spoke with Maggie who was very helpful and patient and answered ALL of my questions. I was able to get someone out to inspect the property the next day. The crew that came out was professional, respectful and very hardworking. They also were very knowledgeable and explained some of the process to my husband. Thank you SERVPRO.

The guys did a fantastic job! Really GREAT!! You have some exceptional people working there. Thanks again!


Just to let you know, the team I had here today was exceptional. They worked extremely hard and I appreciate everything they have done in the first phase of getting my place back to the way it was before the catastrophe.

Again, thank the team for me.

We had water damage from some burst radiator pipes caused by this awful winter. SERVPRO of Ravenswood came out right away and were prompt, courteous and cleaned up everything after they started the water mitigation process. They explained in detail everything they were doing to mitigate any water or mold damage. I would highly recommend them if you unfortunately have an water or fire cleanup needs.

The team arrived within 90 minutes of my call. They quickly got to work and before they left for the night they made sure all the water they could get up was gone and the fans and dehumidifiers were working across the entire floor. Three days later, the entire basement was dry. The agents and technicians were friendly, professional, efficient and proved their experience throughout the entire process. Thanks SERVPRO! I am glad I called you!

These guys kick serious buttockses. In fact, the owner is a great guy. He checked our downstairs, and tested for moisture in the walls. Thankfully, it turned out that we didn't have suspicious mold spores, or other spores growing. Steve left, and charged us NADA. I tried to pay him. He refused. I tried to give him coffee, and he refused that. This was just an honest guy who didn't take us for a ride. I appreciate that, and he deserves a good review for that fact.

What great service. I had a water heater break and flood my place. Steve and his crew came out and had me cleaned up and ready to go. Reasonable prices but the service is what makes them stand out. It was impeccable. I will call them again and recommend to any one I know.

One word: Perfect. We had water damage from our ceiling through to our main floor and Tom was one of the first people I called. After reading good reviews from other folks, I figured it would be a good fit to use their team to tear out and dry all of the wet plaster and wood beams. Tom was very professional, and helpful in planning and thinking about prevention in the future. It's nice to be confident that the work is getting done properly.

First, I am not surprised by the positive reviews on this business. I found myself flooded on a Sunday with power being out for 23 hours and in need of some help, or at least advice. Tom answered the phone and patiently gave me all the information and advice I needed, though he was inundated with people all having flood issues from the same storm. Thanks again, and I highly recommend this business.

We had a water leak from our roof resulting from a fire. Our insurance company sent out Servpro. On a Sunday morning, Steve, the owner came out, made assessments, answered all of my questions, and made me feel at ease.

I live in a 6-flat condo building and the upstairs neighbor had a toilet overflow this evening. He didn't notice it, but I sure did when a few minutes later I had a waterfall come gushing down through my walls.

Servpro answered the call right away and arrived at my home in just over an hour (mind you, this was at 10:30pm on a Saturday).

The knowledgeable and friendly workers of Servpro Ravenswood have been an answer to my prayers!