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Water Damage from Roof Affecting a Sunroom in Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

Water damage from the roof affected the drywall on the ceiling and walls of the sunroom.  Upon removing the drywall, a mold-like substance was found on the joist wood in the ceiling.  It was treated with a mold-killer, then cleaned and dried.

Water Damage in a Sheridan Park Condo, in Chicago, IL

Water damage from neighbor above affected the wall and flooring of a room used as an office.  SERVPRO drilled holes through the drywall to air out the wall cavity and dry the sill plate.  To save the hardwood floor a mat system was used to dry it out.

Stove Top Fire in a Home in Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL

When this home had a little stove top mishap they used water and a fire extinguisher.  The residue from the fire extinguisher was tracked throughout the house making making it necessary to be cleaned.  The water also affected the flooring and after everything was cleaned, a mat system had to be used to dry the floor out. 

Smoke Damage in a Basement of a Home in Edgewater, Chicago, IL

Smoke from a fire affected the basement portion of the home.  The space was cleaned from top to bottom.  Art was taken of the walls while the crew cleaned the ceiling and then the walls.  All the contents, items that are not attached to the structure, were hand cleaned with chemical dry sponges.  Air scrubber and a hydroxyl machine was used to clean and circulate the air throughout the space.

Storm Event Sewage Back Up in Irving Park Neighborhood, Chicago, IL

This loss happened in an condominium building's storage area.  Homeowners have storage stall as well as they keep their items out and about.  During a heavy rainfall sewage came up and pulled on the floor from the city's drains not being able to handle the excess water from all the rains.

Storm Sewage Back Up in Roscoe Village, Chicago, IL

When a storm hit the Chicago neighborhoods this customer who lived in a townhome found out that their lower lever of the home was affected by water.  Upon closer inspection the homeowner found out that the bathtub filled with sewage and overflowed into the space leaving behind sand.

Water Damage in a Edgewater Beach High-rise in Chicago, IL

This damage happened from a clogged riser pipe that was being cleaned out on one of the units.  The high rise building had water raining on their main two story space where the guest and tenants walk in.  SERVPRO came in and dried out the ceiling making is safe for the people walking below.

Sewage Back Up in a Chicago Area Business.

When you have a public bathroom for your customer you never know what can happen.  During this sewage loss the toilet had to be taken off and the drain had to be rodded by the plumber.  SERVPRO had to remove affected material like: carpet tiles, drywall and insulation.  We cleaned all the metal C channels and disinfected the area with SERVPROxide.

We love our swag!

Giving away swag to our clients and customers is something we love to do!  Our Marketing department takes many efforts to keep our SERVPRO brand in the memories of our returning customers.  It's difficult to promote disaster restoration, especially since many have and may never experience a major fire or water loss.  That is why it is a pleasure to deliver Swag Care Bags to our insurance agent offices, property management companies and small businesses in the Ravenswood area.  These efforts are both to help promote future business, as well as thank your patrons for their support and their Reviews!

Owner talking with crew before beginning a job

No matter what size job comes through our franchise, each one is treated with the upmost of care.  Our procedures include communicating with all departments within our office; from administration to sales to production.  It is important that nothing gets missed and that is why we are all in constant communication.  Our saving grace is our WIP (work-in-progress) huddles, which is a weekly meeting where each phase of every job is considered and updated from the start to finish of each job.

Why SERVPRO? Because, we're the best!

SERVPRO is faster to any size disaster, with highly-trained technicians and advanced technologies to make an immediate impact on behalf of customers in need. 

SERVPRO currently ranks #28 (down from last year’s position of #12) on Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 list, where it has also been named the #1 restoration franchise every year beginning back in 2004.

SERVPRO Convention - Big Stage with Mickey Mouse

This year SERVPRO Industries, LLC will hold it's 50th Annual Convention in Sacremento CA.  This important event is held each year a different location in our nation.  It is a celebration for all 1700+ franchised to come together and learn from each other's experiences, become knowledgeable of industry changes, provide updates on products and equipment, and of course relax and have fun!  

This is yet another reason of "Why SERVPRO" is the best choice in emergency restoration services!

Mingling with our District 20 Police officers

Celebrating our First Responders, our shop kicked off its 1st Annual F1RST Responder Bowl Watch Event.  We invite local businesses, residents, police, fire and EMTs to eat, meet and watch the ball game.  Keep an eye out for this year's watch event coming soon.

Partnering with Organizations that Count

SERVPRO of Ravenswood appreciates all the efforts our first responders undergo on a daily basis in this lovely city of ours.  It goes without saying how important it is to our community to have police, firemen and emt personnel on call 24 hours a day-7 days a week-365 days per year.  

To show our appreciation we partnered with The 100 Club of Chicago, a non-profit organization who provides for the families of first responders who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Donations are always accepted at

Make your donation today! Thank you.

Unfortunate Fridge Leak in Chicago, IL

In a condominium west of Grant Park in Chicago Illinois a homeowner started noticing that his flooring by the fridge was buckling. The fridge had a small pin like leak in the supply line. In this picture you can see how all the layers of the flooring were affected; hard wood flooring, subfloor, cork underlayment and concrete.

Water Damage in Ravenswood Neighborhood, Chicago, IL

In this Ravenswood Residence in Chicago Illinois a sink supply line caused massive damages to the unit below. The plaster and lath construction with layers of oil paints made this job into almost a full gut.

Toilet Overflow in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

A Lincoln Park Residence in Chicago IL had a toilet tank that wouldn’t stop filling. While the water kept running unnoticed it caused damage to the wood floor in the powder room as well as the ceiling in the garage that was right below.

Irving Park Neighborhood Affected by Summer Storm

An Irving Park Neighborhood residence was affected by an early summer storm when Chicago’s sewer system couldn’t handle the rains. Sewage came up from the toilet, tub and floor drain in the lower level of the condominium.

Popping Baseboards in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

After a spring storm in Lincoln Park Neighborhood in Chicago, IL some homeowners had to be put on a waiting list due to the volume of calls. In this photo you can see how the baseboard has pulled away from the wall and suspected microbial growth is forming in circle patterns from the water damage.

Bright Sunny Skies After Harvey in Texas

After Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey our teams went down to lend a helping hand. Neighborhoods were full of homeowners’ water damaged items set out on the curbs. A lot of these homes didn’t have coverage and homeowners depended on each other for help.

Lake Michigan Spills into a Lake Shore Drive Residence

A residence on Lake Shore Drive north of Oak Street Beach in Chicago Illinois had a floating appliance situation. A summer storm with high winds had the Lake Michigan waves crashing over the drive, overwhelming the sewer system and filling the home four feet deep in water.

Moldy Joist in a Albany Park Home in Chicago, IL

This moldy joist was in the basement of a home in Albany Park Neighborhood that was for sale during one of the cold winters that Chicago had.  The kitchen supplies sprung a leak from freezing pipes and caused water damage to the area below.  In no time the mold planted roots and started growing.  It also didn’t help that the maintenance man set up air movers to try to dry the joist.

Moldy Joists in an Edgewater Condo in Chicago, IL

This condo in the Edgewater Neighborhood had undetected water damage from the neighbor upstairs.  When the crown in the bathroom started discoloring, that was when the homeowner got clued in that something was wrong.  When the drywall and blown-in insulation was removed, the mold was revealed.

Moldy Basement in the Englewood Neighborhood of Chicago, IL

This moldy basement located in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, IL became in this situation after sewage backups that weren’t dealt with properly.  This customer just wanted an estimate which they paid for.    Not sure if the cleanup was conducted as we were not hired for the remediation.

Candle Fire in Old Town in Chicago, IL

This fire in an Old Town residence in Chicago, IL started from a candle.  Unfortunately there was a lot of soot and smoke damage and most of the items from the top floor had to be removed and cleaned.  The carpeting on that level had to go as well.  It was white and couldn’t be cleaned.

Burned Home Addition in Skokie, IL

The fire that started in the home addition of a residence in Skokie, IL might have been caused by a candle.  This pictures shows the fire inspector going through the damages.  The whole house was covered in black soot from ceiling to floor.  All the items had to be packed and cleaned.  There was a lot of items where SERVPRO along with the adjuster had to decide that they were a complete loss.

Halogen Light Fire in Evanston, IL

Everyone likes the halogen light bulbs because of their brightness.   These light bulbs become very hot when lit for a long period of time.  In this Evanston home the light was located in the pantry and someone forgot to turn it off.  It caught the pantry on fire causing smoke and soot damage throughout the home.

Smoke Damage from a Building Fire Next Door in Irving Park East Neighborhood in Chicago

The building next door burned down and this business was affected by the smoke damage.  Ironically they sell fire extinguishers.  Each surface and item had to be cleaned with special sponges to get rid of the soot.

Water Damage at a Local Business in Chicago, IL

This small business had water damage from the pipes that are located in the ceiling above.  SERVPRO of Ravenswood crew came in and extracted the glued on carpet and set up equipment for drying.  

Water Damage in Chicago, IL

The restaurant, P.F. Chang, had water damage from a broken fire sprinkler system.  Here the crew is extracting water from fabric ceiling decorations that couldn't be taken down.

Restaurant Cleaning in the Edgewater Neighborhood

Local restaurant needed a deep clean after it was sprayed for bugs. They could not reopen until a full clean was completed. That not only needed to be done in the kitchen but also in the front, where the guests would be sitting and enjoying their meals.

Fire Damage Causes All Tenants to Evacuate

SERVPRO of Ravenswood immediately begins to assess the fire damage after two fire trucks put out the blaze in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. The aftermath was not only due to the extensive fire loss but also the significant water damage caused by thousands of gallons of water the Chicago Fire Department used to stop the flames.

SERVPRO of Ravenswood Responds to Flooded Lincoln Park Mansion

SERVPRO of Ravenswood emergency response team arrives to Lincoln Park home affected with over four inches of water damage. The team's immediate response saved the homeowner thousands of dollars in vintage wine and other sentimental belongings.

SERVPRO of Ravenswood Cleaning a Large Manufacturing Plant

SERVPRO of Ravenswood in full force as the crew stabilizes a flooded area and begins the cleanup process. No job is too large or too small for SERVPRO of Ravenswood.

Mold Spreads Aggressively & Needs Immediate Attention

This Melrose Park garage experienced aggressive mold growth while the homeowners were on vacation. Under warm and humid conditions, mold will grow exponentially. In event of water damage in your home or business, please make sure to spray the affected areas with an antimicrobial solution in order to prevent mold growth. The best thing to do is call SERVPRO of Ravenswood to do the job right!