Water Damage Photo Gallery

Cleaning the Joist System from Mold.

Water Damage from Roof Affecting a Sunroom in Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

Water damage from the roof affected the drywall on the ceiling and walls of the sunroom.  Upon removing the drywall, a mold-like substance was found on the joist wood in the ceiling.  It was treated with a mold-killer, then cleaned and dried.

Mat system on wet floor and aerated wall.

Water Damage in a Sheridan Park Condo, in Chicago, IL

Water damage from neighbor above affected the wall and flooring of a room used as an office.  SERVPRO drilled holes through the drywall to air out the wall cavity and dry the sill plate.  To save the hardwood floor a mat system was used to dry it out.

Unfortunate Fridge Leak in Chicago, IL

In a condominium west of Grant Park in Chicago Illinois a homeowner started noticing that his flooring by the fridge was buckling. The fridge had a small pin like leak in the supply line. In this picture you can see how all the layers of the flooring were affected; hard wood flooring, subfloor, cork underlayment and concrete.

Water Damage in Ravenswood Neighborhood, Chicago, IL

In this Ravenswood Residence in Chicago Illinois a sink supply line caused massive damages to the unit below. The plaster and lath construction with layers of oil paints made this job into almost a full gut.

Toilet Overflow in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

A Lincoln Park Residence in Chicago IL had a toilet tank that wouldn’t stop filling. While the water kept running unnoticed it caused damage to the wood floor in the powder room as well as the ceiling in the garage that was right below.

SERVPRO of Ravenswood Responds to Flooded Lincoln Park Mansion

SERVPRO of Ravenswood emergency response team arrives to Lincoln Park home affected with over four inches of water damage. The team's immediate response saved the homeowner thousands of dollars in vintage wine and other sentimental belongings.