Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Moldy Joist in a Albany Park Home in Chicago, IL

This moldy joist was in the basement of a home in Albany Park Neighborhood that was for sale during one of the cold winters that Chicago had.  The kitchen supplies sprung a leak from freezing pipes and caused water damage to the area below.  In no time the mold planted roots and started growing.  It also didn’t help that the maintenance man set up air movers to try to dry the joist.

Moldy Joists in an Edgewater Condo in Chicago, IL

This condo in the Edgewater Neighborhood had undetected water damage from the neighbor upstairs.  When the crown in the bathroom started discoloring, that was when the homeowner got clued in that something was wrong.  When the drywall and blown-in insulation was removed, the mold was revealed.

Moldy Basement in the Englewood Neighborhood of Chicago, IL

This moldy basement located in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, IL became in this situation after sewage backups that weren’t dealt with properly.  This customer just wanted an estimate which they paid for.    Not sure if the cleanup was conducted as we were not hired for the remediation.

Mold Spreads Aggressively & Needs Immediate Attention

This Melrose Park garage experienced aggressive mold growth while the homeowners were on vacation. Under warm and humid conditions, mold will grow exponentially. In event of water damage in your home or business, please make sure to spray the affected areas with an antimicrobial solution in order to prevent mold growth. The best thing to do is call SERVPRO of Ravenswood to do the job right!