Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire extinguisher residue on floor.

Stove Top Fire in a Home in Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL

When this home had a little stove top mishap they used water and a fire extinguisher.  The residue from the fire extinguisher was tracked throughout the house making making it necessary to be cleaned.  The water also affected the flooring and after everything was cleaned, a mat system had to be used to dry the floor out. 

Air scrubber and odor eliminating equipment.

Smoke Damage in a Basement of a Home in Edgewater, Chicago, IL

Smoke from a fire affected the basement portion of the home.  The space was cleaned from top to bottom.  Art was taken of the walls while the crew cleaned the ceiling and then the walls.  All the contents, items that are not attached to the structure, were hand cleaned with chemical dry sponges.  Air scrubber and a hydroxyl machine was used to clean and circulate the air throughout the space.

Candle Fire in Old Town in Chicago, IL

This fire in an Old Town residence in Chicago, IL started from a candle.  Unfortunately there was a lot of soot and smoke damage and most of the items from the top floor had to be removed and cleaned.  The carpeting on that level had to go as well.  It was white and couldn’t be cleaned.

Burned Home Addition in Skokie, IL

The fire that started in the home addition of a residence in Skokie, IL might have been caused by a candle.  This pictures shows the fire inspector going through the damages.  The whole house was covered in black soot from ceiling to floor.  All the items had to be packed and cleaned.  There was a lot of items where SERVPRO along with the adjuster had to decide that they were a complete loss.

Halogen Light Fire in Evanston, IL

Everyone likes the halogen light bulbs because of their brightness.   These light bulbs become very hot when lit for a long period of time.  In this Evanston home the light was located in the pantry and someone forgot to turn it off.  It caught the pantry on fire causing smoke and soot damage throughout the home.

Fire Damage Causes All Tenants to Evacuate

SERVPRO of Ravenswood immediately begins to assess the fire damage after two fire trucks put out the blaze in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. The aftermath was not only due to the extensive fire loss but also the significant water damage caused by thousands of gallons of water the Chicago Fire Department used to stop the flames.