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Detecting Water Damage in Your Chicago Home

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water-stained baseboard

Chicago water damage can cause severe issues in your home. Detecting water damage early can make all the difference when it comes to restoration. Not many people know what to look for, or even where to start looking. You may have no idea how water damage presents itself. This can make early detection nearly impossible. However, there are some steps that you can follow to find hidden signs of water damage. You must know what to look for, where to look, and who to call. After all, detecting water damage is just the first step to getting the problem taken care of.

What To Look For

Water damage presents itself in various different ways. The most obvious sign of water damage is pooled water that has collected in your house. Standing water might come from a leaking pipe or an appliance that malfunctioned. Another sign is discoloration. This typically occurs in ceilings, with the water damaged part appearing darker. Walls may also stain, and paint could bubble and crack. Floors can also show discoloration, but the main sign of water damage will be texture changes. These changes could be warping, buckling, sagging, or expansion. All four happen because of water in the floor boards, or collected around them. Another sign of water damage is an odor, which happens because of mold. If mold is starting to build up, the water damage has been around for too long.

Where To Look

Water damage can happen anywhere in your house, but some areas may be more susceptible. They present a higher-risk, and should be the first places you check. Ceiling water damage may come from a leaking roof, or tops floors in your house. A bathroom on the top floor of your house could damage the ceiling under it if a pipe bursts. Stains on your walls are one of the main signs of water damage. Any odd stain may be evidence of a leaking pipe inside your wall. When checking your walls, make sure to pay close attention to the area around your doors and windows. Many problems can cause water damage to your floors, and it is hard to pinpoint exactly where the damage has come from. Insulation in your attic may swell as a sign of water damage. This is why you should check your attic if you have one. It may also collect mold. Looking behind appliances, like your fridge and washer, is also a good idea when checking for water damage. Faulty pieces in these appliances are not easy to see without moving them around.

Who To Call

Once you have detected any sign of water damage, reach out to professionals for help. The smallest sign may be evidence of a bigger issue that will not go away on its own. SERVPRO of Ravenswood is a company that is available immediately to take care of water damage in your home. They are a trusted company in the water restoration company. Call 773-878-5200 today!

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